Year 6 General Election

In the build up to the General Election, Year 6 expressed their interest in finding out about the manifestos of the major political parties and sought information about how voting takes place. They set up their own polling station in school and voted for the party they would choose to run the country. Their political understanding and leadership skills led to them thinking about how they could create a political party that would run the school. Last week they designed their manifestos and have campaigned this week across the school. Their ides include look at the timings of the school day; how stationary is managed; rewards available to children and various other topics that aim to ensure all children are happy at school. This week, the rest of the school have come to vote in our polling station and have shown an equal amount of enthusiasm as the Year 6s. Check next week’s newsletter to find out the results!

 We have been really impressed with their leadership skills and the ability to consider the needs of others. I wonder if we have a future MP in the making here at Cliff Lane!


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