Archaeologist Visit



Alex Fisher, a Suffolk archaeologist, came into Cliff Lane Primary School to talk to the Year Six children about the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. He brought in different artefacts that the children looked at and also spoke about the different periods of history, including lots of interesting facts. The children got to ask a range of questions and learned a lot.

Lola in 6LT said, “I enjoyed looking at and handling all the different artefacts. I learnt that weapons were made out of lots of different things and not just stone. I also got to touch a deer’s fur and it felt really strange and smelt funny.”

Rudy in 6CK quoted, “As he came in, I thought it was just going to be a lecture about the Bronze Age but then I realised it was more. He came in with lots of artefacts from the Stone Age and Bronze Age and let us actually look at them and feel them. The thing I found most interesting was the bronze sword.”