Community Christmas Carol Service

On Christmas Eve, the School Choir took part in a Community Christmas Carol Service which was held at the Margaret Catchpole Bowls Club on Cliff Lane.  This was organised by 2 of The Drive Team members, Lisa Hutton and Reverend Tom Rout, along with the local Councillor Liz Harsant and members from The Margaret Catchpole Bowls Club.

The children sung Frosty The Snowman and Come and join the Celebration on their own and then joined in with everyone for the rest of the Carols and they did an amazing job.

Reverend Tom Rout from St Luke’s Church led the service and Sophia Hutton from the School Choir read a reading from the Bible.

The event was well received by everyone and hopefully will become a yearly event.

A big thank you to all who took part in the event.