Our Commitment

Our children will:

  • acquire the skills necessary for lifelong learning
  • develop lively, enquiring minds and a love for creative and active learning
  • acquire skills of literacy, numeracy and communication
  • acquire an understanding of the world in which they live and its historical and physical background
  • gain a respect and appreciation of various religious and moral values and a tolerance of all races
  • Understand the society in which they live, and develop an awareness of their own needs and those of others
  • make outstanding progress and achieve the best that they possibly can
  • develop a growth mind-set and believe that intelligence and abilities can evolve through effort, persistence, learning from mistakes and trying different strategies.


Our school will:

  • seek to develop active learners who are self-motivated, self- confident and independent
  • strive for all children to achieve high personal standards in all areas of their learning and their development
  • encourage children to be resilient and not give up, even when they find something difficult or frustrating
  • establish a firm foundation of positive attitudes, skills and understanding
  • provide a holistic, creative and inspiring enquiry based curriculum
  • recognise, celebrate and praise personal achievement in all areas of school life
  • provide a well-organised, stimulating and secure learning environment
  • promote high standards of behaviour, respect and care underpinned by strong values

Cliff Lane Primary School Home School Agreement