Physical Education

It is important that as children grow and develop they understand the importance of physical activity in developing and maintaining their health and well-being. At Cliff Lane we aim to inspire our children to be healthy and active and to develop a passion for sport.

Cliff Lane aims to provide a physical education learning environment for all children that is safe and enjoyable. Children partake in 2 PE lessons a week; one with their class teacher and another with a specialist sports coach. Children have the opportunity to partake in: team sports, individual sports, swimming and outdoor activities.

The school is a member of IPSSA and Suffolk School Games, which gives children the opportunity to participate in both inter-school leagues and tournaments; a great opportunity to further develop their sporting skills and friendships.  We aim to provide opportunities for children to take in PE outside of the curriculum through activities such as clubs and PE demonstrations. After-school clubs on offer range from football or basketball to contemporary dance and yoga. These run for the duration of the academic year.

The school follow the Val Sabin scheme for PE, which provides outstanding lesson strategies for each area of the PE curriculum.  Children have opportunities to consolidate, learn new skills and become gifted through their experiences. We aim for children to learn many new physical skills and promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle throughout our school. Children are taught to develop their skills with time and patience. This goes hand-in-hand with life skills, such as: communication, teamwork, competition, sportsmanship, and a positive self-belief. Children are taught to respect all adults and their peers. They are also taught to respect the equipment and areas they use.

PE lessons support children in other areas of learning, such as: personal, emotional, mental, and social aspects of life. Positive behaviour is promoted in every lesson by all adults and children are encouraged to abide by their class rules. Safe and sensible behaviour is paramount in all of our PE lessons. Children are also encouraged to reflect on their own performance and that of their peers. Through reflection, learning from mistakes, and giving positive praise, they become more mature towards their learning. Positive PE lessons are an integral foundation of a child’s future participation in physical activity and sport. The positive aspects and experiences can lead to a healthy lifestyle that they carry into adulthood.

Commonwealth Athlete Laura Samuel visits Cliff Lane

Physical Education Subject Overview 2018-19