The Performing Arts Gallery

Ipswich Music Day Performance

This year the school had the honor of being the first Primary school to be invited to perform at the Ipswich Music Day, an event the Ipswich Borough Council calls ‘one of the biggest free open air concerts in the region’. This was the 28th Music Day with over 40,000 people attending concerts in multiple venues across Ipswich.

Youth Perform event

On Wednesday night a group of children from Cliff Lane performed on stage at the Jerwood Dance House as part of the ‘Youth Perform’ event. The event was hosted by the Wolsey Theatre who invited school groups to prepare a piece of original drama around the idea of celebrating the NHS and involved many Primary and Secondary schools from Ipswich and the surrounding areas. 

 Our piece was called ‘Stories of the NHS’ and had been written entirely by the students. The performance was brilliant and my thanks go to Miss Sleightholme who worked tirelessly with the children on their Drama, the staff of the Wolsey Theatre who supported the children throughout the day and the children themselves, especially those who came straight from Hilltop. It was a day to remember for many years to come.

Wolsey Theatre workshop

The Wolsey Theatre workshop was a creative experience for the children at Cliff Lane Primary School. They were able to work collaboratively with Sian Thomas (a visiting artist from the Wolsey Theatre), problem solving and developing ideas for our up and coming performance at Youth Perform on 27th June. I was really impressed by their maturity and enthusiasm for the project, which began from their audition and has continued throughout all rehearsals.






The King and I production at Suffolk One

Earlier this year children at Cliff Lane were given the opportunity to perform as part of Suffolk One’s production of ‘The King and I’. The children took on parts as school children in Siam while the relationship between the King of Siam and his appointed School Teacher Anna played out around them. They also sang several songs with the cast, including the classic ‘Getting to Know You’. The children wore period costumes and rehearsed and performed in Suffolk One’s dedicated rehearsal and performance spaces.

The children were fantastic and many adults at Suffolk One were blown away at how well they behaved and performed. Well Done to all those involved, you are brilliant role models for the school and we are very proud of you!